Jablka Czeresnie Grusze Brzoskwinie Morele Sliwy Wisnie

1. Our offer 2011 - 2012
2. Our mark
3. Production
4. History
5. Contact

2. Our mark.

  • Fields area of 50 hectares - class IIa, IIb, III.
  • Block of buildings including a cold storage plant for sapling storage and for trade in winter and spring.
  • Full assortment of nursery machines and agrimotors.
  • Hardened area for customers.


3. Production

Annual production reaches about 300 000 of apple, sweet cherry, sour cherry, plum, apricot, peach i pear saplings.

    The following stocks are also produced on our farm:
    - vegetative:
  • Emla 26
  • M-9RN29
  • Emla 7
  • P-14
  • P-60
  • P-22
  • A-2
  • Piewca
  • Colt
  • F-12/1
    - generative:
  • Prunus Mahaleb
  • Prunus Aviun
  • Prusus Divaricata
  • Prune Wangenheim
  • Pyrus Caucasica
  • Prunus Persica
  • Siewka Mandżurska
  • for private needs

At the moment we are starting a ??? orchard zraźnikowy



4. History

The farm originates from a 3,14 ha farm of Edward and Marianna Gąszczyk situated in Miłocin 39. In 1970 the WSR graduate, daughter Krystyna took over from her parents, initially introducing the production of shrubbery and roses.
Every year brought a gradual change to the fields area. Cultivation of ornate shrubbery replaced wheat, beet, potato, barley and the papilionaceous plants. In 1972 the production of sour cherry on antypce???.
Gradual growth of the area of the nursery followed.
Beginning with 1980 the farm was managed by Krystyna and Zenon Osiak. An intensive development of Polish agriculture followed. The sapling production reached 100 000 pieces. Affiliation to High Quality Nursery Material Producers Association (Stowarzyszenie Producentów Wysokiej Jakości Materiału Szkółkarskiego) allowed for an increase in the variety assortment owing to licensed varieties.
At the moment, the production covers 31 licensed varieties.
Beginning with 2004, on account of the new act of naming, qualified licensed saplings and so called C.A.C saplings will be produced.
We will continue to introduce new varieties in our cultivation.



5. Kontakt

Nursery (of Young Trees)
Krystyna and Zenon Osiak
Adress:Miłocin 39
24-150 Nałęczów 3
Telephone: +48 (081) 50 17 742
Mobile: +48 601 386 144